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A list of most TechFlavor's available services, regardless of industry or company size.

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Managed Services


Integrity FileSync

Secure Cloud

Physical Security

Secure Backup/BDR

Residential IT

Compliance as a Service

Information Security

Custom Development


Customized packages of services; specific to your business needs, and particularly designed for various industry and/or vertical needs, requirements and compliances.

Based on specialization:

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Healthcare 4b136789a8c04befa89a74ea373da0e3f5dbeeb29bfcf7d2fb8e1317d0c691b9


Retail 9d9955ffb4af741b78d0fc280c59a4e4bf6400faf6c75f5124c3cd2ff49882dd


Education d2f85d92e91621ab7934264b5523691db36c8d03851f62a5c77bd1097c3a298e

Education (K12)

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Industrial 9ab6d2ee213477dbc3ffa394c70a2ee6999ce80ea27669cf3e839f966cae57e5


Nonprofit 7a27479970f81b51543b5403583c1c7751cb06ac7a88e734838e9c07e214ef74


Based on company size:

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Medium 47da51c1d882f40f8ebe8f2179145239f6bdd28df9c4f4bb19fdb947a2ae2b9f


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About TechFlavor

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    Our Humble Beginnings

    TechFlavor started as just an idea. A vision of a better use for the technologies that were so apparently taking over the world. Through a pursuit of passion and dedication, the idea of TechFlavor quickly formed some semblance of a foundation and began to transition from the realm of theory to practicality.

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    An Agency is Born

    After laying the foundation for what would be TechFlavor, we began searching for the perfect team to accomplish our vision. Some of the talent acquired during this process really propelled the creation and development of TechFlavor.

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    Transition to Full Service

    As with any startup, TechFlavor's transition from the development phase to full service was paved with obstacles. Our team's ability to overcome these obstacles demonstrated the cohesiveness of the company and the perseverance each member possessed.

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    Continued Growth and Expansion

    From just an idea to signing multiple large accounts weekly, TechFlavor has already grown so much. There is no telling exactly what the future holds for TechFlavor but one thing is for sure; it will be magnificent. How will you contribute?

Our Locations

Our Team of Trusted Advisors

With over 80 years of shared team experience across numerous industries and verticals, we have the expertise and exposure to provide your business with the best customer service, innovative technologies, and IT solutions available.

Areas of focus include:
Business Admin Management | Information Technology | Cloud Services | Information Security | Digital Forensics | Custom Development | Project Management | Business Analytics | Business Intelligence | Big Data

Chris Chaney - Chief Executive Officer

Chris Chaney

Chief Executive Officer
& Chief Technology Officer

Andrew Chaney - Lead Developer

Andrew Chaney

Lead Developer
& Director of IT Security

John Hunkins - Automation Specialist

John Hunkins

Automation Specialist
& Software Developer

Jamey Chaney - Field Operations

Jamey Chaney

Field Operations
& Infrastructure Engineer